Cowboys Trade For Bills’ Stefon Diggs In Blockbuster Proposal

Stefon Diggs, Cowboys, Bills
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Last month, speculation swirled that wide receiver Stefon Diggs wanted to be traded from the Buffalo Bills. Considering Diggs was clearly unhappy with his role toward the end of last season and skipped Bills mandatory minicamp in June, those rumors did not come as much of a surprise.

Diggs ultimately took to X several weeks ago and cleared the air, stating that he did not want out of Buffalo. Still, one can’t help but wonder if trade rumors will once again rear their head if things go south between Diggs and the Bills.

If Diggs’ relationship with the organization does eventually reach a boiling point, could the Dallas Cowboys potentially step in and take advantage of the circumstances?

The Cowboys have flashed a rather explosive offense thus far in 2023, racking up 70 points in two wins over the New York Giants and New York Giants. CeeDee Lamb is stamping his name among the best wide outs in the NFL, and while Dak Prescott hasn’t been elite early on, we know what he is capable of.

Still, in spite of Dallas’ early brilliance, it seems fairly clear that the club is in need of another top-flight talent at receiver. The Cowboys have yet to really fill the void that Amari Cooper left upon his trade to the Cleveland Browns, and if they want to legitimately contend for a Super Bowl, it would behoove them to add another wide out alongside of Lamb.

Diggs could be that guy if the situation arises.

Dallas could trade a 2024 first-round draft pick and a sixth-rounder to Buffalo for Diggs, which would give the Cowboys a phenomenal duo of receivers at Prescott’s disposal.

In spite of Stefon Diggs’ displeasure in 2022, he still managed to haul in 108 receptions for 1,429 yards and 11 touchdowns, so we know that he remains one of the league’s best pass-catchers.

Of course, the Bills have Super Bowl hopes themselves, so things would really have to go off the rails for this type of deal to come to fruition, but if that does happen, expect the Cowboys to come knocking.