Denver Broncos: 3 Players to Watch in Preseason Week 2 vs. Bears


Devontae Booker, Running Back

Devontae Booker has been on and off the field for the Broncos the last couple of seasons. This season can be different as now, the previous starter in C.J Anderson is now gone. Booker controls his own destiny on whether or not he will become the new starter. The Broncos’ running back definitely has the edge on the other guys because of his experience with the Broncos. Booker is the longest tenured back for the Broncos in his third season.

Booker has shown flashes of being a talented back in the NFL, but at other points you’d think he’s a guy that should be fighting for a roster spot. The Broncos will need Booker to show throughout training camp and the preseason that he’s ready to hold the reins as the sole starting running back for them. If Booker does indeed get the job, it will be interesting to see if they give him a small margin of error. It’s definitely possible as the Broncos have given him the starting job a couple of times before benching him soon after.

Booker has to maximize all the reps he gets in preseason because it could decide his fate in the Broncos running back battle. Watch for Booker to try making a lasting impression in Week 2 of the preseason. Denver has announced that as of now Booker is their guy according to the first Broncos depth chart that’s been released. Head coach Vance Joseph commented on it soon after:

“It’s very fluid. Again, it may change four or five times, but right now we’ve got ‘Book’ as the lead guy. He’s earned that right as the most experienced guy.”

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