Denver Broncos: 3 Realistic Trades to Make Before Week 1


Trade for Ameer Abdullah

If the Broncos do indeed move on from Booker, they could use some depth at running back. According to many people, Ameer Abdullah could be on his way out of Detroit. Abdullah finds himself in a loaded backfield with Theo Riddick, LeGarrette Blount, and Kerryon Johnson. Riddick has a guaranteed role in being the passing down back, while Blount will likely garner the goal-line carries. Johnson is the wild card, as he could be the starter or third on the depth chart. Nobody really knows how the Lions plan on using Johnson.

So where does that leave Abdullah? Likely off of the Lions roster when this week of preseason is over. The Broncos may not need to trade for him if he’s made available by being cut, but you aren’t guaranteed to be the only team interested in his services. It is hard to believe there are many teams inquiring about him though.

For the Lions, I think it would be best for them and Abdullah to part ways. It would give Abdullah a fresh start elsewhere and the Lions a chance to move forward and find their guy. Whether they trade or cut him, it seems Abdullah’s days in Detroit are numbered.

Abdullah has had his career hampered by injuries but it’d be worth taking a chance on him with a late round pick. The Lions’ running back could be used in passing situations or even in a first and second down role if needed. The major question is whether or not Abdullah can stay healthy. If he is healthy, it’s worth the Broncos taking a slight risk acquiring him.


  1. Why not engineer a trade with themselves for Paxton Lynch? It makes as much sense as trading for Ameer Abdullah when he is likely getting cut anyway.

  2. Chad Kelly was not drafted this year. Also… brush up on your grammar. One of the worst articles I’ve ever read LOL

  3. Ameer abdullah…seriously? And how do you not mention trade Shane Ray, hes gone after this season

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