Dolphins: 3 potential running back options for Miami in free agency

As the Miami Dolphins prepare for the upcoming NFL offseason, there are so many questions surrounding them. What will they do at the quarterback position? Can they bring in a running back that will take the needed pressure off of their new quarterback?

Let’s stick with the question about the running back situation for a minute. Miami made the decision to trade Kenyan Drake this year. He ended up becoming a star for the Arizona Cardinals’ offense.

Now, the Dolphins don’t have a running back on their roster capable of being a good starting option. Thankfully, they have a ton of cap space this offseason and there are some very good options in free agency.

Brian Flores and his Miami team showed signs of contention down the stretch of the 2019 season. They have a ton of work to do,. but they aren’t as far off as some think. With a few big additions in free agency, they could be a team to keep an eye on.

All of that being said, here are three potential running back options for the Dolphins this offseason in free agency.