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Dolphins Coach Considering Massive Change In 2024

The Miami Dolphins’ season ended on a disappointing note in Kansas City on Saturday night, where they managed to score only seven points in a loss to the Chiefs.

Despite finishing the regular season as the second-highest scoring team, Miami struggled offensively, putting up only 40 points in losses to the Ravens, Bills, and Chiefs.

These losses ultimately prevented them from clinching the AFC East title and led to their elimination from the playoffs.

While injuries and strong opponent defenses contributed to this late-season slowdown, head coach Mike McDaniel did not dismiss the notion that play-calling might also be a factor worth considering. He addressed this possibility during a Monday press conference.

“Nothing’s off the table, ever. I think we failed to reach our goals this season, so play-calling wouldn’t live outside that.”

McDaniel’s reputation as an offensive strategist played a significant role in his hiring by Miami, and it was instrumental in the team’s consecutive playoff appearances over the past two years. However, as the Dolphins look to break through the first round of the playoffs, there is speculation about potential changes to McDaniel’s role in his third season with the team.

The upcoming season may reveal adjustments in their offensive game plan as they aim for greater success.

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