Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Burning Questions after Week 2 Loss vs. Buccaneers

The Philadelphia Eagles will get Carson Wentz back in Week 3. Can they overcome their issues after the loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 2?

The Philadelphia Eagles sit 1-1 on the 2018 NFL season after their Week 2 defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While no one expected the Eagles to run the table this season, especially while dealing with key injuries, a loss to Bucs quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was not in the cards.

While fans can look at the Eagles and point at injuries to quarterback Carson Wentz, receivers Alshon Jeffery and Mack Hollins, there are other factors that may have this team in hot water heading into their Week 3 showdown against the Indianapolis Colts. For one, where is the running game? This was one of their strong suits in 2017. However, with running back LeGarrette Blount off to the Detroit Lions this offseason, the Eagles have failed to gain traction on the ground.

The Buccaneers hit the Eagles’ defense early, and while the secondary used the “bend but don’t break rule,” the fact remains it still let Fitzpatrick pass for another 400 yards and four touchdowns.

Something has to be fixed, or the Eagles will be looked upon as a team who rode a great wave of emotion and luck to their first Super Bowl last year.

As the Eagles lick their wounds, they will do so knowing Wentz will be back behind canter for their next game. But still, that doesn’t leave them without questions or concerns moving forward.

Here are three burning questions after the Eagles’ loss to the Buccaneers in Week 2

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