Eli Manning Throws Hilarious Shot At Broncos’ Russell Wilson

Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Broncos
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One of the best things about Monday Night Football since the 2021 season is the Manningcast that ESPN has. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning commentate the game, giving the feeling of you just watching the game at home with friends, breaking things down in their own unique style. They also break down quarterbacks extremely well, which is something Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson may have an issue with now.

The two have unrivaled chemistry with each other, bouncing off of each other with quips throughout the game mixed in with their advanced knowledge of the game. There have been plenty of memes and memorable soundbites that have come from their telecast and another one was made in Week 3.

In Week 3, the Mannings were, for a majority of the night, the most entertaining things about the game. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants were embroiled in a punt-fest, which their guest, former punter and Peytonโ€™s teammate with the Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee, was loving.

The snoozefest of a first half followed up another offensively-challenged game that occurred on Sunday Night Football. The Denver Broncos were hosting the San Francisco 49ers in a game where the punters were front and center. When discussing it, Eli took this chance to take a shot at the Broncos and their new quarterback, Russell Wilson.

“They should’ve paid that punter $235 million instead of Russell [Wilson].”ย 

Wilson signed a huge contract as part of the offseason trade that saw the Seattle Seahawks send him to the Mile High City. His contract has been at the center of many discussions held about the Broncos’ ineptitude this offseason, as people are wondering why they would pay him so much to not let him do his thing on the field.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett is struggling to adapt to being a head coach, struggling to handle all of the duties that come along with it. He hired Jerry Rosburg to help with game management so that he can focus on calling plays for the offense.

Through one week, it hasnโ€™t helped much. As Eli Manning so eloquently pointed out, the Broncos punter, Corliss Waitman, has been their most valuable player through three games.