ESPN analyst predicts the Saints will sign QB Jameis Winston

The New Orleans Saints have had a surplus at quarterback over the last couple of years. With Drew Brees starting and being one of the top quarterbacks in the game, the Saints had the luxury of having Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill behind him on the depth chart.

Now, Bridgewater has left for the Carolina Panthers and Hill may be the only guy left. Hill is a good talent, but he may not be the ideal fit for the Saints at backup quarterback.

ESPN analyst Kevin Seifert has predicted that the Saints will find their new backup quarterback and potential future starter when Brees retires in former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston.

He detailed why he thinks the Saints will end up signing Winston and how he fits.

New Orleans Saints. The Jaguars probably have more use for him in the short term, but Saints coach Sean Payton might be one of the few people in the NFL who could coax more efficient play from Winston. And the Saints need a backup after losing Teddy Bridgewater to the Panthers.

Winston put up huge numbers in 2019, unfortunately in the interception category as well. He ended up throwing 30 interceptions last season. But, he also racked up 5,109 yards and 33 touchdowns.

There is a lot of good to go with the major bad part of Winston’s game. Bringing him in and sitting him behind Brees for a year or two would make a lot of sense for the Saints. After that, he could slide in as the starter if Sean Payton and Brees can develop him.

At 26 years old, Winston still has a ton of time to get things going. His talent is through the roof. Taking a flier on him would be wise for New Orleans depending on the price.

Expect to hear more news about the market for Winston in the near future. The Saints may not end up being involved in the pursuit of him, but it would make some sense.