ESPN Analyst Reveals Strong Take On Commanders’ Jayden Daniels

Jayden Daniels, Washington Commanders
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Jayden Daniels was taken second overall in the 2024 NFL Draft by the Washington Commanders. Adding a prospect of Daniels’ caliber instantly can turn some franchises around.

However, fans outside of Washington D.C. have appeared somewhat slow to jump on the bandwagon. That said, one ESPN analyst isn’t waiting.

Speaking on an episode of NFL Live via JPA Football with a hat tip to Earl Forcey on Twitter/X, analyst Louis Riddick offered high expectations.

“Rarely does the ball ever hit the ground… he is going to take that town by storm.”

Riddick complimented Daniels’ accuracy based on reports and conversations he had with people who have watched Daniels throw live. Daniels’ ball placement, velocity, and leadership have made the analyst a believer.

Jayden Daniels offers Commanders opportunity for biggest rookie season since Robert Griffin III

It has been over a decade since Robert Griffin III took the league by the horns in his first season with the Washington Commanders. Those who watched that season live will recall the overnight sensation the quarterback was, instantly putting the team on the map.

As a rookie operating in the shadow of CJ Stroud’s explosive rookie season, there is hope another rookie can deliver for the Commanders.

Of course, one season does not make a career. Robert Griffin III turned in an impressive 10-win season following nearly a decade of losing seasons. However, his fire was extinguished soon after losing in the 2012-13 Wild Card round.

The Commanders are coming off a four-win season and the team’s sixth consecutive non-winning season. As such, this places massive pressure on Daniels to bring the team into the spotlight is immense. However, a look at his college statistics serves as a Rorschach test.

The biggest selling point is that he threw for 40 touchdowns and four interceptions in his most recent season. This makes an argument that Daniels is playing at the top of his game. If the argument holds true, it could translate into a surge in 2024.

However, the questions around Daniels surround the other four seasons of his career. In those years, his statistics sit well below his production in 2023. In one season, he threw for just ten touchdowns and ten interceptions.

The competition surrounding Daniels doesn’t make it easier, either. At least on paper, the division is loaded with one of the winningest regular-season franchises of the last decade, the Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, a recent two-time Super Bowl contestant in the form of the Philadelphia Eagles also resides in the division.

As such, if Jayden Daniels can elevate the Commanders even comfortably above Daniel Jones, who won a playoff game near the end of the 2022 season, it would be a win. If Daniels can beat the odds and go toe-to-toe with Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts, Commanders fans would have reason to celebrate on a scale not seen in a decade.

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