ESPN predicts the stats for Packers rookie WR Amari Rodgers in 2021

Amari Rodgers, Packers
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are without a doubt in the worst possible position at this point in the offseason due to the drama going on with superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Despite all of the drama, the Packers are excited about their 2021 NFL Draft class. One of the biggest surprises was being able to select Clemson wide receiver Amari Rodgers in the third round.

Over the last couple of years, the Packers have been criticized for not prioritizing a wide receiver in the NFL Draft. Rodgers may not be a first or second-round pick, but he has the potential to be a big-time playmaker for Green Bay.

Many have compared Rodgers to former Packers’ wide receiver Randall Cobb. In fact, many have actually stated that he could and should develop into a better version of Cobb. That becoming a reality would make Rodgers a massive steal for Green Bay.

ESPN has released their projections for Amari Rodgers in his rookie season. They may not be what Packers fans were hoping for, but we’ll share them nonetheless. Rodgers has been predicted to catch 24 passes for 263 yards and two touchdowns and they also have him receiving eight carries for 48 yards.

Standing in at 5-foot-10 and 210 pounds, Rodgers is a threat to break tackles and rack up major yardage after the catch. That is exactly the kind of dynamic that the Green Bay offense was missing last season.

Matt LaFleur’s offense needs a much better option in the slot and Rodgers could come in and provide that presence. We are actually predicting a much bigger season from the former Clemson standout. In our predictions, we have Rodgers racking up 45 receptions for 450-500 yards and four touchdowns.

Granted, none of those predictions are “star caliber” predictions for Rodgers. However, it will take him a year or two to develop and the situation with Rodgers is something that could change a lot of things.

Expect to see Amari Rodgers carve out a role for himself fairly early in his NFL career with the Packers. Green Bay has needed some help at wide receiver and they finally have it. Whether Aaron Rodgers plays or not, the rookie wideout will be exactly what the team needed moving forward and could become a very vital part of the offense.