Evaluating best case scenarios for Dak Prescott, Cowboys in contract talks

Dak Prescott, Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Best Case For Dak Prescott

Many have pointed to Patrick Mahomes’ contract extension as a negative for the Dallas Cowboys, but it’s important to look at it from the Dak Prescott’s perspective, too. Seeing the best QB in the league agree to take 10-years may raise questions about Prescott’s unwillingness to agree to five.

There are a variety of different circumstances that favor Prescott in this situation. If he were to play on the franchise tag during the upcoming season, the Cowboys would be in a situation next offseason where placing him under that designation wouldn’t make much sense.

Let’s not forget, being placed under the franchise tag for a second time would raise Prescott’s salary for 2021 to exceed the $37 million mark. Knowing that he will make at least that much barring any potential catastrophic injury should be enough to stay patient.

For Prescott, the best case scenario is the Cowboys simply choose to come to an agreement before the mid-July deadline. If Dallas chooses to not give into a four-year extension, locking in a five-year deal wouldn’t be a bad choice considering potential salary cap implications due to Covid-19.