Exclusive interview with 2020 NFL Draft QB Carter Stanley

Carter Stanley, NFL Draft
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 NFL Draft is set to begin this evening and the talk of the night will be about the quarterback position. Joe Burrow is expected to go No. 1 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals, while other names like Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa, Jordan Love, Jalen Hurts, and Jacob Eason will all be talked about. One quarterback that isn’t going to receive the hype is Kansas star Carter Stanley.

Stanley has not been talked about much throughout the draft process, but he is absolutely a guy that should receive some notice.

Last season with the Jayhawks, Stanley completed 60.9 percent of his pass attempts for 2,661 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. That was his first year as the starter and he made the most of it. It should be enough to draw some interest from teams late in the draft or at least as an undrafted free agent.

Standing in at 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds, Stanley is an intriguing prospect. For those who haven’t heard of him or seen him play, we have more information on him. Our own Evan Massey was able to do an interview with him ahead of the draft.

We hope that you enjoy the interview and follow along as Stanley looks to take the next step in his football career.

First up, we talked about how the NFL Draft process has gone for Stanley, especially with the coronavirus complications that have been caused.

“I’ve enjoyed it a lot, the virus has created some obstacles, but also has eliminated some distractions. I’ve really enjoyed waking up everyday with a few goals in mind and training to achieve those goals.”

If you haven’t seen him play, Stanley was happy to open up about what he brings to the field.

“I’m a fiery competitor that loves the game, and I believe I can make every throw on the field. I take pride in my accuracy and ability to throw into tight windows.”

Stanley also briefly mentioned his biggest strengths at this point in his career.

“Accuracy and ability to make off platform throws.”

We also talked about current NFL quarterbacks that Stanley could compare to. He talked about a few quarterbacks he models his game after.

“There’s a few to be honest. I’d say Rodgers ability to throw it without having to set his feet, Brees for his accuracy and leadership, and I’ll throw in Gardner Minshew for his crafty playmaking ability and swagger.”

Fans like getting to know young players away from the field and Stanley opened up about who he is when he isn’t playing football.

“I definitely enjoy the outdoors, whether that’s wakeboarding, surfing, fishing or hunting, but can have a gamer side as well. Like playing NCAA football, Fortnite, 2K and NHL.”

Stanley has some big goals for the next five years and he opened up about some of those goals.

“Five years from now I see myself on an NFL roster, potentially settled down with a wife and maybe a kid. Hopefully continuing to make a positive impact in my community and being a great role model for the youth.”

If you’re a young quarterback with dreams of playing in the NFL, Stanley gave some advice.

“Get as many pickup games as you can when you’re young, that’s the best way to get reps. Once you get in HS and college, do the extra things like throwing with your receivers/TE/RBs and watching film with lineman.”

Finally, Stanley finished off the interview by sending out a quick message.

“Really appreciate the interview! Looking forward to continue this training process through the draft and can’t wait to get to work for a NFL franchise.”

In closing, we hope that you enjoyed the interview and follow along with Carter Stanley. Hopefully, his name will be called in the 2020 NFL Draft. If not, he will be the next in a long line of successful undrafted free agents.

He may not be receiving the hype, but there is no question that Stanley has big potential to make something of himself at the NFL level.