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Exclusive Interview With Green Bay Packers WR Reggie Begelton

Reggie Begelton isn’t being talked about much when it comes to the wide receiver depth chart for the Green Bay Packers. Some fans have been nervous about the team’s lack of big moves this offseason at the position. Others feel strongly that the Packers will end up taking a receiver in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft at No. 30 overall.

However, those fans are forgetting about another new face that will join the Packers in 2020. Begelton may not be receiving a ton of hype right now, but he is worth taking notice of.

Last season with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League, Begelton put up huge numbers. He dominated opposing defenses for 102 receptions, 1,444 yards, and 10 touchdowns. Begelton averaged 14.2 yards per reception.

Standing in at 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds, Begelton could be a piece that comes in and surprises some people. He could not be more excited about the opportunity to join the Packers and show his ability to the rest of the NFL.

All of that being said, Evan Massey of NFL Analysis Network had a chance to interview Begelton. This is must-read material for every Green Bay fan out there to get to know Begelton and what he will bring to the field.

First up, Begelton opened up a bit about who he is away from the game.

“I’m a God Fearing and determined individual who deflects adversity and attacks set goals. I make a vision board and I go after it. In my free time, I love to fish. Being out on the water is like my getaway drug from the world. I put down my phone and enjoy the scenery and the thrill of fighting certain species of fish. I also love to bowl. I usually bowl for a league during the offseason with my Dad.”

For fans who may not have had a chance to see him play, Begelton was happy to talk about what kind of game he brings to the field.

I’m not the flashy type. I do have agility and a very quick first step. I make catching the football priority number one. I’ve always had to go through the middle of the defense so that doesn’t scare me one bit. You can expect me to get open and catch the ball. I’ll open up the field for everyone else because I’m the one who will constantly be moving the chains. I will be the possession WR that you guys are looking for.

He also took some time to speak out about becoming a Packer and what that means to him.

The feeling is still a bit surreal. I’m finally going to get the opportunity to join an NFL team. And not just any team, a great organization like the Packers is truly a blessing. This offseason is going to be so much fun. This entire process is going to be a great chapter in my life.

Before all of the excitement about joining the Packers and making it into the NFL, Begelton had a long journey. He told us about that journey.

Even though I was the leading WR out of high school, I didn’t get any offers. So in order to pay for school, I had to walk on at the local university (Lamar University D-I AA) in my hometown of Beaumont, Texas. I finally received a scholarship after two years and an opportunity to play. Following the next three years, I broke almost every WR record in program history. Again finishing off being the leading WR. After my Pro Day and Draft, I ended with only a couple of mini camp invites. One to Atlanta and the other to Oakland. Unfortunately I was only a camp body. This led me into a depression because I felt like I didn’t get a fair shot. Through that depression, I told myself that I was done playing football. So I got a job selling gold and silver investments at a precious metals company named Universal Coin and Bullion. This was the turning point of my life. This company offered “mental training” from 6am-8am every morning in which I partook and rewrote how I view life in general. I went from seeing the world attacking me personally to me needing to be the attacker. In saying that, I decided to try and go the CFL route. I didn’t want to regret at the age of 30 giving up my dreams at 22 before even trying. That’s when I attended an open tryout for the Calgary Stampeders. I did really well at the tryout and managed to get an invite to camp. From there I made the team. Two years later after sitting behind veterans, I finally got my opportunity and excelled. This past season was truly a blessing because it opened up an opportunity for multiple NFL workouts. And in the end landed me here with an opportunity to join Packer nation! GoPackGo!

There is also an NFL comparison that Begelton sees in himself that will excite quite a few fans.

I always compared my style of playing to a Larry Fitzgerald. A possession WR that will constantly move the chains and give you chunks from yards after catch. Priority number one is to get open and catch the ball. I believe I do that very well.

Playing with Aaron Rodgers is an exciting opportunity for any wide receiver. Begelton talked about his excitement to play alongside the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better combination. I think he will personally love my style of play. And he will quickly realize how dependable I can be whenever he is in a jam. The fact that I have a chance to play alongside a future hall of fame QB is something I will forever boast about.

While Begelton may have had a difficult journey to the NFL, he believes it is something that will end up helping him.

I was able to develop the art of route running and critically watch film, something that will be needed to transition to the NFL. I expect that I will need to be able to adjust to the speed between the whistles and the pressure of being the new guy.

If you’re a young player with dreams of making your own journey to the NFL, Begelton was happy to share some advice.

Use criticism as a way to improve. You can either take it personally or use it as a tool. When the odds are against you, it’s typically because you have that much more to prove and that much more to gain. So give it 1000%.

Begelton is very open about his faith in God and talked about how that and others helped him along his journey to the Packers.

I would have to say my Faith in Jesus Christ, my Father, Grandmother, the rest of my immediate family, Forest Hamilton from Universal Coin and Bullion, and my small circle of friends.

Finally, we closed the interview with Begelton sending a brief and exciting message to the Packers’ fan base. If you haven’t heard of him yet, it’s time to start paying attention.

Buckle up Packer nation because a new name is coming on the scene. I plan on bringing the fire. Might even melt some of that cheese and keep ya warm.

Make sure to give Reggie Begelton a follow on Twitter at @LUcrew_Frenchy. He has the potential to be something very special for the Packers. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the interview!

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