Atlanta Falcons: 5 Takeaways from Week 1 Loss vs. Eagles

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Jones is the only viable receiver

I hinted earlier that Julio Jones’ performance was a takeaway from this game. Not because of how superb he played, that’s pretty much a consistent expectation, but how he was the only viable receiver. Where was the rest of the Falcons receivers? Did they get off the bus when they arrived to the stadium?

If you combine the total amount of receiving yards from the rest of the receivers, they don’t even have half of the 169 yards that Jones accumulated. Credit the Eagles defense, of course. They had Atlanta’s offense figured out the whole game. Outside of Jones, the Falcons don’t have anyone, and the Eagles took advantage of that. Mohamed Sanu is good for a few explosive games, but that’s not gonna cut it. I understand Steve Sarkisian is one of the reasons that these other receivers aren’t producing, but come on. Not one receiver could help take pressure of Julio?

At this rate, Julio Jones is gonna end up suffering an injury before midseason with the heavy workload on his shoulders. Considering he has an injury history, it’s definitely possible that’ll happen. He was targeted 19 times in this game. Nineteen times! And he reeled in 10 of them.

This guy is a beast, but even beasts have their limits. The Falcons are going to need to figure out what they can do to help Jones and get the other receivers more involved.