Atlanta Falcons: 5 Takeaways from Week 1 Loss vs. Eagles

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The defense is still a force to be reckon with

When two quarterbacks are playing poorly, that usually means offensive drives are very short. The Falcons’ time of possession was 27:50, whereas the Eagles was 32:10. The defense was constantly on the field and for long periods of time at a couple points. The fact that they managed to only surrender 18 points is quite impressive. This defense is still a force to be reckoned with.

It’s thanks to its youth that players are well conditioned and explosive on the ball. Sure, they played against a backup quarterback in Nick Foles, but he’s not your typical backup. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson isn’t someone to mess with either. His ability to call plays is one of the best in the league. This guy puts on clinics on defenses, and the Falcons defense still managed to keep them at only 232 total yards.

On top of that, the Falcons only converted four out of the 15 third downs in the whole game. The Falcons offense struggled to stay on the field and allow their defense some rest. It doesn’t help when your two stud running backs only get 15 carries between them.

Yet this defense still was flying to the ball and delivering hits. Like when safety Damontae Kazee laid the wood on Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert. That hit dislodged the ball and allowed Deion Jones to intercept the ball. Head coach Dan Quinn has to be proud that this defense is still performing at a high level.

This season should be another good one for them.