Falcons’ Bijan Robinson Reveals Disappointed Take On Bill Belichick

Bijan Robinson, Atlanta Falcons, Bill Belichick
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Despite initially being considered a top contender for the head coach position with the Atlanta Falcons, Bill Belichick ultimately lost out to Raheem Morris for the coveted role. This decision came as a surprise to many, especially considering the anticipation surrounding the possibility of one of the team’s rising stars, 2023 first-round pick Bijan Robinson, being coached by the legendary NFL figure.

Following his departure from the New England Patriots after an illustrious two-decade tenure, Belichick quickly emerged as a candidate for the Falcons’ coaching vacancy.

Despite widespread speculation suggesting that he would secure the position, the Falcons opted to appoint Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris instead.

Although the appointment of Morris received acclaim from various quarters within the NFL community, it’s evident that Robinson had harbored hopes of being mentored by Belichick. During an appearance on the FOX Sports talk show “Undisputed” while in Las Vegas for Super Bowl week, Robinson expressed his anticipation of Belichick becoming his new coach.

“That’s who I was expecting we were gonna hire. I thought it was gonna be Belichick. Obviously, he’s the greatest coach of all time. I’m used to the coaches who are strictly business and want to win right away. It’ll be tough on you but that’s what you’ve got to handle. I was definitely prepared to have him come [to Atlanta].”

The prospect of being guided by the six-time Super Bowl winner seemed promising, particularly given Belichick’s coaching style, which appeared conducive to Robinson’s skill set as a versatile running back.

Despite concerns regarding potential mismatches between modern players and traditional coaching styles, Robinson, at the age of 22, seemed prepared to embrace Bill Belichick’s renowned disciplined and demanding approach.

Nonetheless, with Raheem Morris at the helm, Bijan Robinson is poised to continue his promising career trajectory, having showcased his talent during a notable rookie season in Atlanta.

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