Fantasy Football: 3 Reasons to Steer Clear of Rob Gronkowski in 2018

Rob Gronkowski

With Rob Gronkowski now entering his ninth season in the NFL, he should be entering his physical peak.  The view that many people, myself included, hold is that Gronk is on course to pick up one of those coveted Gold Jackets in about 5-10 years time. It is small wonder that a player with his talent is so highly regarded when he has been able to catch passes from the best quarterback to ever play the game in Tom Brady for his whole career.

Everything should therefore point to Rob Gronkowski having another great season both on the field and also in the wonderful world of Fantasy Football. Coming into the 2018 season, Gronk will see no reduction in his snap count due to competition. Whilst reports coming out of Patriots training camp have been wholly positive regarding Dwayne Allen and Jacob Hollister, no new tight end’s were signed to compete directly with him.

If you play Fantasy Football and are looking at the tight end situation, you were no doubt following the trade rumors surrounding him.  The new contract he was seeking has yet to arrive. Whilst on the surface the relationship with the Patriots seems to be OK, there is no smoke without fire, and rumors were abound that the team had called numerous others regarding a trade.

There are a lot of good reasons why Gronk could have a good year in Fantasy Football. But, not everything is as it seems in New England for Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots when it comes to Fantasy Football.

NFL Analysis Network will give you 3 reasons to steer clear of Rob Gronkowski in 2018.

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  1. Writers love writing with hyperbole. He plays the tight end position like nobody has before. Come on man. Mike Ditka, Mark Bavarro, Brent Jones. These guys lived for the physical punishment. Nobody took more hard gits than Brent Jones.

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