Fantasy Football: 5 must-play rookies in Week 4 NFL action

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Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In Week 4, the league are starting to distinguish between elite teams and bottom feeders. That is the same in fantasy football leagues. They are. Beginning to determine the top teams and the teams that need to hit the waiver wire every week.

Rookie players are the ones that make the teams take that next step. They enter the league as an unknown commodity who might breakout but might also bust.

For some rookies, their names were not mentioned during drafts but they are being used a lot by their current teams. These are the stars that can make or break a fantasy football season.

It is all about the waiver wire. No matter how your league determines the order, it is important to be near the top to grab that breakout star for your team. Heading into Week 4, there are many rookies to keep an eye on. There are also many that are a must start because of their ability to put up points.

Whether you have a rookie or not, this is an important notion moving forward. For those of you who have these five on your team, consider them a must start for the upcoming NFL Sunday.