Fantasy Football: 5 sleeper running backs to target in 2020

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of different fantasy draft strategies out there. RB-RB, RB-WR, or WR-WR are the three most common ways of drafting a team with the first two picks.

If you are an owner that likes to load up on stud wide receivers with your first two or three picks. Then maybe grab a top tier tight end or quarterback, or the “RB-zero” strategy, you’ll need a nice list of running backs to target later in the draft.

Another strategy of building a roster is to draft one RB1 with your first pick then load up on receivers, a tight end, and a quarterback early. Then in the mid-to-late rounds, draft an abundance of high upside running backs hoping one turns into your RB2.

Hitting on mid-to-late round sleepers at the running back position can really turn an average team into a playoff team. This year there are some talented running backs that will be available mid-to-late in drafts that can develop into big-time fantasy assets.

To help out those “RB-zero” teams or owners just looking for that next great late-round RB, here are five sleeper running backs to target in your fantasy football drafts.