Fantasy Football: Predicting the 2020 season for Josh Allen

Josh Allen was a top-10 fantasy quarterback in 2019, but does he have more in store this year?

Josh Allen, Bills
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Josh Allen 2020 Fantasy Football Outlook

Allen physical tools are obvious, with size (6-foot-5, 237 pounds), athleticism and arm strength to burn. He’ll probably never dissect defenses with his arm the way a Tom Brady or Drew Brees does, so being able to hit big throws downfield will be an important piece of his success.

Let’s just say he’s got some work to do in that area, and getting the most out of Diggs stands to depend on it.

Diggs’ previous quarterback, Kirk Cousins, is hesitant to pull the trigger on deep passes sometimes. But he has traded that for the most scattershot deep passer in the league, in what promises to be another low-volume pass offense. But this is not about Diggs.

As proven by others (Tim Tebow, etc.), you don’t have to be a good real-life NFL quarterback to be a perfectly good fantasy quarterback. That’s an important line to draw when talking about Allen, who is about two steps away from even threatening 30 touchdown passes in a season.

It would be an upset if Allen doesn’t finish as a top-10 fantasy quarterback again this year. But notable increase over 2019 in any area isn’t realistic to expect, even with the addition of Diggs, and there is substantial downside potential.

Drafting Allen comes with the recommendation of drafting a solid second quarterback as insurance. But an ADP in the 7th-9th round and QB8-QB11 range (12-team leagues, according to FF Calculator) is also a slight discount if you buy into the entire upside here.

Josh Allen 2020 Projection: 3,250 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, 12 INT; 520 rushing yards, 7 TD