Former NFL QB Doesn’t Hold Back On Steelers’ QB Situation

Russell Wilson, Justin Fields, Pittsburgh Steelers
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Last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers faced a stark quarterback dilemma, lacking any viable starting options. However, this season, they find themselves in the enviable position of having two quarterbacks who could lead their offense.

While many observers lean towards Russell Wilson as the frontrunner in the quarterback competition, even Head Coach Mike Tomlin has hinted at Wilson being the preferred choice.

Nevertheless, former NFL quarterback turned analyst David Carr offers a dissenting view.

Speaking on NFL Total Access, Carr forecasted that Justin Fields would assume the starting role by Week 1.

“This Arthur Smith offense is what he was supposed to run in Atlanta…Justin Fields is going to be the starter by Week 1.”

Carr believes that the Steelers’ offensive scheme perfectly suits Fields’ dual-threat abilities, reminiscent of the offense Arthur Smith was anticipated to implement during his tenure with the Atlanta Falcons.

Carr commended the Steelers’ front office, particularly Omar Khan, for securing both quarterbacks at a bargain, a notable achievement given the urgency to fortify the team’s quarterback depth.

Opting for Fields over Wilson would align with the Steelers’ strategic interests. Fields presents a shorter timeline for evaluation, with his contract extension eligibility looming next offseason. Additionally, as a younger player, Fields offers a greater potential upside compared to Wilson at this stage of their respective careers.

While Wilson undeniably brings a proven track record to the table, prioritizing Fields could signal a forward-thinking approach, particularly concerning the team’s future trajectory and alignment with their new offensive coordinator.

Ultimately, the decision between Fields and Wilson hinges on whether the Steelers prioritize immediate stability or long-term strategic vision for their quarterback position.

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