Former Star Drops Big Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson Prediction

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings
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Justin Jefferson and the Minnesota Vikings are going through a relatively dramatic situation. The two sides are trying to work out a long-term contract extension to keep the superstar wide receiver in town.

While the expectation is that a deal gets done, there are signs to worry about. First and foremost, Jefferson has not agreed to a new contract yet. Also, he has made very public comments about his drawbacks to signing a new deal with the Vikings.

Even though there are major concerns surrounding the situation, most still believe that Jefferson will lock in with the Vikings long-term. After they drafted J.J. McCarthy in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, they showed Jefferson that they have a long-term answer under center. However, does Jefferson think that McCarthy is the guy he wants to play with long-term?

Only time will tell, but one former NFL star wide receiver has now dropped a big prediction for the Vikings and Jefferson.

Former Star Drops Big Minnesota Vikings, Justin Jefferson Prediction

Greg Jennings, a former star wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers and Vikings, spoke out in a segment on The Carton Show. He made it clear that he expects the Vikings and Jefferson to work things out.

“He’s only provided value to that organization and that team, so I expect something to get done. You cannot let Justin Jefferson go.”

Arguably the biggest concern for the Vikings, is that it doesn’t appear that Jefferson is holding out for more money necessarily. Some reports have stated that Minnesota has been very aggressive with their contract offers. Instead, Jefferson may be waiting to see if he thinks that the Vikings can be contenders.

Jefferson has also been a very competitive player. He hates losing and he may not want to lock himself into a situation where the franchise is not going to be continually competitive.

Can we honestly say that the Minnesota Vikings are without a doubt going to be a Super Bowl contender? No, we cannot.

If that is the biggest holdup, the 2024 season will be a huge pivotal piece of the puzzle. Kevin O’Connell and company may have to show Jefferson the long-term potential of the team. A lot of that will fall on the shoulders of McCarthy, who will be tasked with proving himself to Jefferson as a legitimate long-term starting quarterback.

Jefferson was very close with Kirk Cousins and was vocal about wanting the Vikings to retain the veteran quarterback. Losing Cousins could have made Jefferson consider the situation even more closely.

All of that being said, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Jefferson and the Vikings. It still seems very unlikely that they will part ways, but Minnesota may have some work to do when it comes to convincing Jefferson that they can help him compete for championships both now and in the future.

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