New York Giants: 3 Biggest Surprises from Week 4 Loss vs. Saints

The New York Giants fell short against the New Orleans Saints in Week 4. They lost the contest 33-18, leaving the Giants at the bottom of the NFC East at 1-3.

This isn’t a spot the Giants want to be in, but they’re in a hole that they’ll need to dig themselves out of now. It’s early in the season, but they will need to figure some things out before the fate of their season slips out of their hands.

Everyone coming into this game expected a shootout, especially with how poor the Saints defense has played to begin this year.

This game wasn’t a shootout in the end, leaving much to be desired. This is especially so for the Giants side of things.

It just seemed like the Saints had control of the game from the very beginning, looking comfortable at all times, even when they struggled out of the gate.

The Giants did have opportunities throughout the game but failed to capitalize on them.

There were a few surprises that came out of this game, especially for the Giants. Here’s what surprised me at the conclusion of the Giants’ loss in Week 4.