New York Giants: 3 Burning Questions Following Week 2 Loss vs. Cowboys

The New York Giants squared off against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. They would struggle from the outset of the game, losing 20-13. It looks like it was a close game by the score, but the Giants scored 10 of their 13 points in garbage time (last two minutes when the game was already over).

With another loss, the Giants fall to 0-2 and are the only team in the NFC East who are without a win. I’m guessing this isn’t how first-year head coach Pat Shurmur pictured his coaching career with the Giants to start. Now it’s time for the Giants to figure out what is going wrong and make adjustments before their season falls to the wayside.

With the level of talent the Giants have, there’s no excuse for struggling the way they are. With the NFC East possibly being a division with no clear-cut winner, the Giants should be taking advantage of that but are unable to do so.

I don’t think there’s one specific thing causing all of these issues. It’s just every aspect of their team isn’t meshing right at the level we expected. Week 3 will be another test, as they face a Houston Texans team that is surprisingly 0-2 as well. We’ll see if the Giants fix any of their problems before it’s too late.

There are a few questions that could be posed after the Giants poor performance against the Cowboys in Week 2.

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