Giants: 3 Takeaways From Week 12 Loss vs. Eagles


Saquon is Unbelievable

The Giants found a franchise cornerstone for years to come in Saquon. I say it every week, but he is a generational talent type of player. Every time he gets the ball it’s must see TV.

It seemed like the Giants were eager to give Saquon a hefty workload–with how it was going in the first half. The Giants turned away from what was working for them and settled with throwing the ball more. That was a key reason why they lost the game.

If you’re Pat Shurmur, how is Barkley not getting the ball 10 or more times in the second half? His own team proved to be the only team on Sunday who could stop him at all. It’ll be a learning experience for the Giants head coach going forward.

Back to Saquon, he made plays in this game that makes you realize he is beyond gifted. Not many RBs in the league can be a threat in the backfield or in the passing game–especially at his size. A guy that is built like him, at 33 pounds, shouldn’t be able to move like he does.

You’ll rarely see plays where the first defender that has a chance to tackle him brings him down. He’s a complete package at RB, immediately making him a top five RB in the NFL already. There should be no argument on whether or not the Giants made a mistake drafting him over Sam Darnold.

The Giants made the right choice in taking Barkley one-hundred percent. He is a once in a lifetime type of player, that you can’t pass up on. If Barkley keeps at it, he could lead all rookie in rushing yards and receiving yards. Not many guys can say that.

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