Giants: 4 huge bold predictions for New York’s offense in 2020

Giants, Evan Engram
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants Land a Wild Card Spot

For the first time in the history of the NFL, there will be seven playoff teams from each conference. The New York Giants may still have plenty of issues to sort out on defense, but regardless, a strong offense can sometimes lift a subpar defense en route to a playoff spot.

Taking the leap to become a playoff team is almost always a difficult one to take. There is usually a lot that has to go right all at once in order for it to occur. Whether it’s a quarterback taking the next step, avoiding a plethora of key injuries, or an overall unit clicks well enough to shoulder the loa until the other can catch up.

Every year there is always one team that seemingly comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone. The Giants could end up being that team during the upcoming season when considering the outlook of substantial improvement on offense taking place.

With all of the injuries the Giants had last season, a rookie quarterback without his top weapons, and a coaching staff that was subpar, New York has all the makings of a breakout season. Keep an eye on them sneaking into the playoffs as one of the Wild Card teams in the NFC.