Green Bay Packers: 3 Key Matchups to Watch in Week 2 vs. the Vikings

As the Green Bay Packers prepare for their Week 2 matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, there are still quite a few questions that must be answered. First and foremost, the Packers will need to figure out if their franchise quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, will be able to play through the knee injury that he suffered on Sunday night against the Chicago Bears.

Rodgers is believed to have suffered a sprained MCL, but there have been no new reports about his status or if that is actually the injury he suffered.

Green Bay suffered through a horrible first two quarterbacks in Week 1. Chicago’s defense completely shut their offense down, even before Rodgers was forced to leave the game. If the Packers thought that the Bears’ defense was difficult to move the football against, they are in for a rude awakening against the Vikings on Sunday afternoon.

In addition to the Vikings’ top-notch defense, Kirk Cousins has turned the offense into a much more lethal than it has been in years. Green Bay has an improved defense, but they will have their hands full slowing down Cousins and second-year running back Dalvin Cook.

All of that being said, which three matchups do the Packers have to focus on winning this week against the Vikings in order to come out with a win to move to 2-0 on the young season?

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