Green Bay Packers: 3 Takeaways from Stunning Week 1 Comeback vs. Bears

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers entered Sunday Night Football as major favorites to knock the Chicago Bears off. Fans at Lambeau Field felt confident, but that confidence was soon gone when the Bears came out and marched down the field for the opening score. Confidence dropped even lower when Rodgers went down with what appeared to be a serious knee injury.

Soon after Rodgers went into the sideline medical tent, every Packer fans nightmare occurred. Rodgers came out of the tent and rode a cart back to the locker room.

Thankfully, Rodgers came out ready to play in the second half for the Packers. After missing him for the majority of the 2017 season, seeing him go down with a knee injury last night was a heart attack moment. Green Bay still trailed Chicago 20-0 early in the second half, which made many fans give up on a win.

That’s when the magic happened. Rodgers led the Packers back and ended up winning the game 24-23 on a miraculous 75-yard touchdown to Randall Cobb. It was a moment that could define the season for Green Bay.

All of that being said, what three things can be taken away from the stunning Week 1 comeback win over the Bears?

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