Green Bay Packers Expected To Have Major Regret About Recent Move

Rashan Gary, Packers
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The Green Bay Packers are not known for regretting their biggest offseason moves, but one 2023 choice might come back to haunt them. At least, that is what one NFL analyst believes is possible.

The Packers signed Rashan Gary to a four-year, $96 million extension last year and could feel buyer’s remorse as soon as this year.

Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report posted an article naming several of the potentially biggest swings and misses in recent years, and among Trevor Lawrence and Kirk Cousins, he named Gary. Here’s how he put it.

“There’s no denying his talent, but Gary is now 26 and five years into his career. He’s never been a first- or second-team All-Pro, nor has he been a Pro Bowler. His numbers haven’t taken off, and his consistency is sometimes lacking. Has he peaked?” Gagnon wrote.

Of course, the Packers have a recent habit of zigging while analysts expect them to zag. When Jordan Love was drafted long before Aaron Rodgers had begun seeing massive signs of decline, fans and analysts scratched their heads. Of course, in 2024, the quarterback position appears to be as solidified as ever.

However, according to Pro Football Reference, Gary appears to be a limited sack specialist. He hasn’t commanded the defensive line from a production standpoint, but two of his last three seasons stand out in one category.

Gary’s tackle numbers have yet to cross the 50 mark, although he has two seasons in which he has earned at least nine sacks. Most defensive lines in the NFL would love to add nine sacks. As such, paying Gary $96 million might be a bit of an overpay, but sacks kill drives. Gary might not lead the team in tackles anytime soon, but he can get quarterbacks on the ground.

Packers leave smart escape valve in risky $96 million extension

Of course, Gary presents the team with considerable risk for nearly $100 million. It seemed the Packers were aware of this and wanted to leave an out for themselves if Gary doesn’t maintain his pace in 2024. The escape valve comes in the form of an out in 2025, per Spotrac.

If the Packers believe they have seen enough and want to part ways with Gary, they can potentially save up to $23 million. To do so, they would cut ties after the season with a financial incentive.

That said, such a move might be a bad look for general manager Brian Gutekunst. However, it would save the team money that could be spent to improve the rest of the roster.

For Gary to avoid that outcome, the pass rusher may need to lock down his first double-digit sack season and cross well over the 50-tackle mark. If he does not, it becomes easy on paper to save some money and cut ties.

Will Gary make the Packers think twice?

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