Green Bay Packers: Studs and Duds from Preseason Week 3

Well, we are now past the half way point of the preseason. And we are two weeks away competitive, meaningful football. Week 3 of the preseason is arguably the best week. Most NFL teams trot out their starters for multiple drives and about two quarters of football. The Packers are not one of those teams.

While many teams around the league were showcasing their starters, the Packers were starting their backups. Absolutely none of the significant starters even got dressed on Friday night. The Oakland Raiders followed a similar suit. The result was a dragging display of perplexing football. Neither team’s offense was able to sustain a drive. To be frank, it was ugly football all around.

But, among the ugliness were some treasures. Like when you sift through the sand at the beach and find those silver dollars. If you sift through all of the trash from this third preseason game, there were some things, or rather players, to be excited about. Occasionally, when searching for those silver dollars, you find just a plain rock. There were plenty of those from last night as well.

With Week 3 in the books, fans can expect to no longer see the starters. Players competing in the fourth preseason game are generally those who will be fighting for a roster spot. So, for the studs I am about to unveil, we may not see them again until the regular season. For the duds, well, they are just going to have to improve their stock next week when the Packers take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

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