How good has Bengals QB Joe Burrow been through seven games?

Joe Burrow, Bengals
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Cincinnati Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow had possibly the greatest season ever from a college quarterback. The Heisman Trophy winner was drafted number one overall with massive expectations to succeed early.

How good has he been through seven games? Well, let’s just say he is in elite company.

High Volume Performance

The Bengals are off to a 1-5-1 start and are staring 1-7-1 in the face with the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the next two games. But Joe Burrow has been the bright spot on this Bengals team.

With a terrible offensive line, sub-par run game, and a defense that loves to give up points, Burrow has been forced to throw it. A lot. Through seven weeks, Joe Burrow leads the NFL with 293 attempts. 61 of those attempts coming in only his second start ever.

While having to run for his life, Burrow still has completed 66.6% of his throws, racking up 2,023 yards, good enough for third in the NFL behind Matt Ryan and Deshaun Watson.

Even with all those attempts, Joe Burrow has only thrown five interceptions. He has had three fumbles on strip sacks, but he tends to make up for those during the game.

Burrow Is In Elite Company

Joe Burrow became the first rookie to throw for 300+ yards in three straight games. Not only that, but the Bengals’ rookie has thrown 300+ yards in five of his first seven games.

According to Jay Morrison of The Athletic, only 14 quarterbacks have ever accomplished that feat. Those 14 include Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Patrick Mahomes, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady.

If Burrow can continue the stride that he’s hit, he is on track to destroy Andrew Luck’s rookie passing yards record. Not only that, but he’s on target to have less interceptions than any rookie who has thrown 500 passes, and have the most completions of any rookie ever.

If the Bengals had a defense that could make a stop or two, Joe Burrow would most likely be sitting at 5-2, following three should-be game-winning drives. There are a few rookie mistakes that he needs to get out of his game, but Burrow is legit.

The Bengals are far from contenders, but their rookie quarterback looks like a 10-year veteran ready to make a Super Bowl run and give Cincinnati the playoff victory that has been missing since 1991.