Insane numbers show just how important Jamal Adams is for Seahawks

Jamal Adams, Seahawks
NFL Analysis Network

Jamal Adams and the Seattle Seahawks were finally able to get a new long-term contract extension done. It ended up being a four-year deal worth a maximum of $72 million. Both sides had been working on a new deal for quite some time now.

While it looked bad for both sides just a few short weeks ago, the two parties kept discussions moving. Getting Adams locked up was obviously a priority for the Seahawks, and rightfully so. There are very few defensive players around the NFL who are capable of making as big of an impact as Adams does.

Pro Football Focus released some new numbers that show just how important Adams was for the Seahawks last season. This also shows why getting a new deal done with him was such a priority.

Adams was able to play in 12 games last season for the Seahawks. In those appearances, he was able to rack up 83 total tackles to go along with 9.5 sacks, a forced fumble, and three defended passes. He didn’t record a single interception, but he isn’t your typical safety.

Having a safety who can come in and record 9.5 sacks is something that not many teams have. He can still make plays on the football even though he didn’t in 2020, as he has two interceptions in four years and 28 defended passes. But, the Seahawks aren’t re-signing Adams to be an interception machine.

The ability that Adams possesses to play all over the field is extremely important and unique. He can make plays from any position and that fits exactly what the Seahawks’ defense needs from him.

Expect to see Jamal Adams put together another big-time season for the Seahawks in 2021. He received a big payday, but his motor and drive to win is unquestionable. Adams will have a big say in just how good Seattle’s defense ends up being this season.