Jadeveon Clowney would be smart to run it back with Seahawks

Jadeveon Clowney, Cowboys
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Entering this free agency period, many NFL analysts had pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney as one of the best available prospects. Now we’re at the end of the first week, and the news surrounding Clowney has been few and far between.

He’s garnered little attention from teams around the league, which is odd considering how hard it is to find premiere pass rushers in the NFL. Some believe the slow developing market for Clowney is due to the current COVID-19 pandemic were dealing with.

Teams are unable to bring players in for physicals, therefore making the whole process more difficult. Especially for a player like Clowney, whose dealt with injuries all throughout his career. Most teams are going to want their doctors — doctors they trust — to give Clowney a look before officially signing him.

Clowney is also asking for top tier edge rusher money, throwing another wrench into the equation. reportedly, the 27-year-old defensive end is looking for an annual salary of $20 million, placing him among to the top-five highest paid edge rushers in the sport.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, the Seattle Seahawks are likely offering Clowney an average salary of approximately $17-$19 million.

At this point, Clowney’s best bet would be to take that deal if the Seahawks are really offering it. For starters, until a team is granted permission to perform their own physical on him, he won’t receive the money he’s seeking on the open market. There isn’t another team that’ll even give him what Seattle is reportedly offering.

For all the hype that’s surrounded Clowney since he entered the league, he’s never even totaled double digit sacks in an NFL season. His production doesn’t warrant the kind of money he wants — it’s the potential he brings with him that is so appealing to teams.

Continuously changing teams will only hinder that potential. Sinking his teeth into a defensive scheme and developing within that system is his best shot at reaching the freakish potential he possesses.

If Jadeveon Clowney elects to take the deal Seattle is offering and continue to play under Pete Carroll, the best may be yet to come for the Pro Bowl pass rusher.

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