New York Jets: 5 Reasons Sam Darnold Will Live Up to the Hype

New York Jets, Jeremy Bates
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No. 2: Don’t Discount Offensive Coordinator Jeremy Bates

Regardless of the collegiate skill set, potential, and hype, almost every player entering the NFL is only as good as the coaching staff allows him to be. Developing a player is more important than merely drafting him and relying on his existing abilities.

The Jets switched out their offensive coordinator this offseason, going from John Morton to promoting Jeremy Bates to handle duties in 2018.

Don’t overlook that.

Bates, who has worked as a quarterbacks coach or assistant quarterbacks coach seven seasons since joining NFL coaching ranks back in 2002, took a significant step in his own career as QBs coach under Mike Shanahan when he was head coach of the Denver Broncos in 2007. The following year, Bates helped turn then-Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler into a Pro Bowler. Shanahan’s firing in early 2009 ultimately led to Bates hitting the college ranks (at USC — a point not to be overlooked with regards to Sam Darnold) before joining Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks the following year.

Bates’ tenure in Seattle didn’t go well, but that shouldn’t take away from the coordinator’s abilities.

Stemming from both the Shanahan and Jon Gruden coaching trees (both of which are known for getting the most out of quarterbacks), which could mean great things fro Darnold and Co.

“Just turn on the 2008 Mike Shanahan film,” ESPN’s Matt Hasselbeck said, via Rich Cimini. “That’s his vision for the offense he’d like to run.”

Interesting to note, Shanahan’s 2008 Broncos finished second in total yardage that year, and Bates’ coaching efforts ultimately led to Denver’s quarterbacks finishing third in total passing yards (4,471) and ranking seventh in average yards per attempt (7.1).

If that’s the trajectory for Darnold, it would easily turn him into a top 10 quarterback in this league.

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