Jimmy Garoppolo Predicted To End Up Signing With Raiders

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Jimmy Garoppolo had a roller coaster ride in 2022. After leading the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship Game for the second time in three years, the team decided it was time to go in a new direction at the quarterback position.

The entire 2022 offseason was spent preparing Trey Lance, the No. 3 overall pick from the 2021 NFL Draft, to become the team’s starter. Garoppolo was not with the team for most of the offseason as he underwent surgery on his shoulder. That decision cost him some money in the short term but will end up working out in the long term.

Because of the procedure he underwent, no team was willing to make a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo. Instead of releasing him, the 49ers restructured his contract to be more in line with what a backup makes. 

It ended up being a blessing in disguise for the 49ers. By Week 2, the team was Garoppolo’s again as Lance suffered a season-ending ankle injury. Things were shaky in the early going as things had to revert to how they were before Lance was inserted as the starter, but the team eventually got on track.

Garoppolo went 7-3 as a starter before injuring his foot in Week 13 against the Miami Dolphins. Brock Purdy stepped into the lineup and the 49ers have continued rolling, riding a 10-game winning streak heading into the postseason.

It is hard to imagine that Jimmy Garoppolo will be brought back into the fold given how well Purdy has performed and that Lance will be back in the mix. He should be a hot commodity on the free agent market and CBS Sports believes that he will team back up with a familiar head coach.

They are predicted that Jimmy Garoppolo will sign a deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, replacing Derek Carr. Carr was benched for the final two weeks of the 2022 regular season and it looks as if his tenure as the Raiders starting quarterback is coming to an end.

Las Vegas has some pieces on their roster to work with, but Carr’s inability to produce in McDaniels’ system certainly held the team back in some regards. Garoppolo has experience in it from his time with the New England Patriots and should be able to fit in seamlessly.

With cap space to burn and a top-10 pick on the way, the Raiders can further upgrade the roster. The pieces for a successful Jimmy Garoppolo-led offense are in place as the Raiders can bring back Josh Jacobs to lead the backfield, have a star wide receiver in Davante Adams and a top-notch tight end in Darren Waller.

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