Justin Jefferson is the perfect receiver for the New York Jets in 2020 NFL Draft

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The New York Jets have two fairly large needs as we approach the 2020 NFL Draft, offensive line and wide receiver and Justin Jefferson is the perfect fit. They should have a nice crop of both positions to choose from when their turn comes to hand in the card at pick number eleven.

Both positions figure to be very deep this year but the Jets need to come away with an impact player at either receiver or someone to protect Sam Darnold. If they choose to go the wide receiver route they should start and end their search with Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson, who compiled 111 catches for 1,540 yards and 18 touchdowns with LSU last season, is 6-3, 192 pounds, and while he doesn’t possess elite speed or size, or hands, is arguably the most complete receiver in a draft deep with excellent receivers.

Jerry Jeudy is a better route runner. CeeDee Lamb has more speed. But Jefferson is the complete package. He and Joe Burrow had an uncanny ability to read each other. There were many times Jefferson seemed to sense Burrow getting into trouble and he adjusted his route to come back to Burrow in order to save the quarterback.

Jefferson possesses excellent hands, can run a route like a pro, has decent enough size to win battles at the next level, and can make defenders miss once he has the ball. He would be a perfect fit in the Jets’ offense and quickly become the Jets’ number one receiver, something the Jets have missed for years.

Darnold is the best quarterback prospect the Jets have had in decades. However, he needs weapons. Jefferson is a weapon, one who seems to get in tune with his quarterback. Watch Jefferson’s games and you will see a receiver who runs excellent routes but also understands when his quarterback is in trouble and comes back to help.

That isn’t something you see often in college receivers. Couple that with his size, speed, strength, and route-running and you have arguably the most complete receiving prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb are grabbing the headlines, and for good reason, as they are both excellent prospects. However, Jefferson is the perfect fit for Darnold and the Jets. Jeudy and Lamb could be gone before the Jets make their selection, so could Tee Higgins.

Even if Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb are available the Jets should be completely comfortable picking Justin Jefferson if they choose to go the wide receiver route.

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