Kenny Moore Update Sheds Light On Tough Situation With Colts

Kenny Moore, Colts
NFL Analysis Network

The Indianapolis Colts need Kenny Moore. They signed Stephon Gilmore this offseason, but Moore was the only true mainstay on the roster before that. Without Moore and Gilmore the depth falls off a cliff. That is what makes his absence from the Colts OTA sessions all the more interesting.

The OTAs are voluntary right now, so it is not a huge issue, but Moore made it known that the decision to miss these sessions is contract-related.

There are two ways to look at this. One is that Moore signed his deal, and knew what he signed into. The other aspect is that he also knows that the Colts could cut him he loses leverage, but he has leverage now. If the Colts would do him wrong, why would he not press them?

When he signed his deal he became much more established in the NFL, and much more valuable to the defense. Also, the salary cap went up, which meant that contracts around him got bigger.

Kenny Moore signed a four-year $33 million deal while D.J. Reed signed a 3-year, $33M deal and Donte Jackson signed for 3-years and $35.2M. Those players are not better, and Moore would get more than both on an open market.

Considering Moore knows his worth and his worth is obviously more than his current contract it makes sense he would be working to get a raise. The Colts need him right now when they look at their cornerback room. Moore has never really been the type to have an off-of-the-field issue so you would assume that the Colts do right by Moore before training camp comes, and Moore decides to show up but not practice with soreness. That is the new training camp hold out because teams fine players for missing camp time now.

The Colts and Moore do not want this to drag into training camp, so they will both work to resolve it.