Lamar Jackson Makes Bold Statement About His Future With Ravens

Lamar Jackson, Ravens
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During the offseason, there are always rumors floating around. Some are just posturing, a player and agent looking to squeeze as much money out of a team as they can get. Sometimes it is a team floating rumors trying to drive the price up for a player they want to trade or down on someone they are negotiating with. One storyline to watch this offseason has been Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens and their future together.

Sifting through all of the rumors isn’t easy, but when a player comes out and speaks on them, it certainly helps clarify things. Jackson got out ahead of some rumblings and shut them down quickly.

Reports recently surfaced about some frustrations from Jackson that contract negotiations with the Ravens were not going so well. There was a gap in how much the Ravens were willing to offer and what Jackson was seeking, but that is commonplace in negotiations, especially for a contract that will be as lucrative as Jackson’s.

Jackson, who represents himself, is reportedly looking for about $40 million annually and seems to be in no rush to sign a new deal. With negotiations going slowly, it was leaked that the Louisville product could look to leave Baltimore.

He quickly put an end to those rumors, taking to Twitter to get his message out. He isn’t trying to leave Baltimore and wanted that to be known.

While the approach to his extension is different, as owner Steve Bisciotti admitted the approach is ‘unique as hell’ he did vow that he would pay Jackson when he is ready to work out a deal. Whether that is before the season or next offseason is anyone’s guess, but it is certainly encouraging that the Ravens sound willing to make things work.

In the NFL you can only go as far as your quarterback takes you. Without a good one, it is very difficult to win consistently. The Ravens have a very good one in Jackson that is only getting better as a passer every year to match his elite athleticism and rushing ability.

With one MVP award already under his belt, Baltimore will do everything they can to make sure that Lamar Jackson remains in the fold for the long term.