Lions’ Aidan Hutchinson Reveals QB He’d Love To Sack The Most

Aidan Hutchinson, Lions
NFL Analysis Network

The Detroit Lions were one of the big winners of the 2022 NFL Draft. With the second overall pick, Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson fell right into their laps, as the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Travon Walker with the first overall pick.

Hutchinson will remain home and help turn around a franchise that hasn’t had much good luck ever. But, they now have a building block on the defensive side of the ball, an excellent pass rusher that will help them get after the quarterback.

Detroit is certainly hoping that Hutchinson racks up a ton of sacks for them, getting into the backfield of all of their opponents. However, there is one player that Hutchinson would love to sack more than anyone else; Tom Brady.

A fellow Michigan alum, Hutchinson would love to get after the future Hall of Famer, not only sacking him but talking some trash as well. Hutchinson revealed this during the 2022 NFLPA Rookie Premiere to Cameron Jordan of the New Orleans Saints.

“I mean I grew up dressing like Tom Brady for like Halloween and stuff,” Hutchinson said. “So like if I were able to smack Tom Brady and get a sack on him, and hopefully, you know, talk some smack when we get up.

“He may not get back up,” Jordan replied. “He’s 45 or something like that.”

For Hutchinson to make his dream come true, the Lions will have to defy the odds and make the postseason in 2022. That is the only way the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Lions would meet on the field this upcoming season, as they are not scheduled to face off.

That would be quite a scenario for Aidan Hutchinson and the Lions if they made that big of strides this season, going from the No. 2 overall pick to a playoff team. While unlikely, Detroit is starting to put together a solid foundation to turn things around in the near future.

As for Jordan, he is adding bulletin board material for Brady, not that he needs any more motivation. The Buccaneers have yet to defeat Jordan’s Saints in the regular season since he defected from the New England Patriots in 2020, something he will look to remedy in their two matchups this season.