Los Angeles Rams: 3 Best Performances from Week 4 vs. Vikings

Watching last night’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings was a real treat for us football fans. The game was simply fantastic and entertaining through it’s entirety. That’s what happens when two of the best teams in the NFL match up on primetime. They certainly did not disappoint us.

The only ones who ended up being disappointed were the Vikings players and their fans. The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Minnesota Vikings on their home turf 38-31, improving their record to 4-0. Is their any team out there that can slow the Rams downs?

Not if their players continue to play dominantly like they did last night. It felt like almost every Rams players last night had their best performance thus far. The execution was razor sharp, along with the play calling. The coaches themselves were on their A game.

It’s honestly really hard to choose which best performance deserves honorable mentions. Luckily for you, I narrowed down those mentions to three. With that said, here are the three best performances from last night’s win against the Vikings.

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