Los Angeles Rams: 3 Best Performances from Week 4 vs. Vikings

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Goff

I mean no duh right? Jared Goff’s performance goes without saying. Perfection. Yea, that’s the best way to describe it. At least that’s what his 158.3 passer rating says. Goff was already lighting up the Vikings defense by halftime with four touchdowns. That’s insane considering the caliber of the Vikings defense. Goff has truly developed into a talented quarterback. It feels like it’s been so many years since he entered the league. He’s just levels beyond what he was two years ago.

Make no mistake, Jared Goff is not a “system” quarterback. This is all maturation and development on his part. Of course with the great help from head coach Sean McVay.  There are skeptics that Goff would not be this impressive without McVay’ system, thus he is labeled a “system” quarterback. That might actually be one of the laziest analysis I have ever heard in football. A “system” didn’t throw those beautiful dimes for touchdowns. A “system” didn’t give him his instinct.

Give credit where credit is due. Goff got here from putting in the work and it was McVay that set him up for success to expedite his development. It also helps that McVay can scheme up a stellar game plan. It’s going to be difficult for Goff to follow up this perfect performance. However, he will still have games that pop out like last night. Goff is going to rewrite a lot of narratives about when this season is over with. After last night, I’d say the silly narrative that he’s a “system” quarterback is over with. The Los Angeles Rams are in a great position with Goff as their quarterback.

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