Los Angeles Rams: 3 Best Performances from Week 4 vs. Vikings

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Cooper Kupp

After last night’s game, Cooper Kupp has been charged with abuse. That is the abuse he did to Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr, which earned him a selection to the best performance list. It was simply disrespectful the sharp route running done by Kupp. Barr wasn’t the only victim done in by Kupp’s routes. Cornerbacks Mike Hughes and Trae Waynes suffered their own disrespect from Kupp when he scored a touchdown on them. It was a beautiful ball thrown by Jared Goff, but it wouldn’t have happened without the separation created by Kupp.

What will likely be overlooked is how solid of a blocker he was. Most receivers will just give a nudge or a jab on defenders, but Kupp will actually put a body on them. It’s not that he gets aggressive, but how he positions himself to allow for the space to stay open. It’s a great sight to see Cooper Kupp get better and better each game. The promise he showed in his rookie season was not a fluke. Kupp definitely deserves more respect from opposing defenses as he has shown in last night’s monstrous performance. Nine catches for 162 yards and two touchdowns is ridiculous.

To be able to damage the Vikings defense like he did is impressive. It’s just a matter on if he can keep this momentum going throughout the season. Kupp needs to continue developing. There is going to be times where defenses will throw their best cover guy on him. He might not be ready for that this season, but if he continues this pace of growth then the sky is the limit. Kupp is just one of many dangerous weapons at the Ram’s disposal. It won’t be long before teams start to truly respect his talent.

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