Miami Dolphins: 3 Best Performances in Week 3 vs Raiders

It was ugly. It was painful. But in the end, the Miami Dolphins walk away with the W. They keep their streak intact and keep Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders from getting the first win of Gruden’s return to the league. The game was, at times, hard to watch. But the Dolphins came through in the end, just like they have all season, thanks to some big plays when the team needed them most.

So far this season, the Miami Dolphins are a team who is living by the big play. They are eventually going to die by the big play — or lack thereof — but that hasn’t happened yet. For most of the game, the Dolphins offense and defense were struggling. The offense couldn’t get things clicking, and the Dolphins defense was giving up chunk plays left and right. It looked as though Miami was toast.

Then the fourth quarter came. And with it, the big play. It started with a shovel pass to Albert Wilson broken for a long touchdown. Then the trick play touchdown from Wilson to Grant. Capped off with an interception — his second of the game — by cornerback Xavien Howard to seal the victory.

Turnover and big plays have been the Miami Dolphins M.O. this season, and today was no different. Big performances were the name of the game, and none were bigger than these 3.

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