Miami Dolphins: 3 Breakout Candidates for the 2018 NFL Season

Every season each team has players who come out of nowhere to make a sizeable contribution to the team. The Miami Dolphins are certainly no exception to that. Last year it was Kenyan Drake coming from relative obscurity to become a household name after the unceremonious departure of Jay Ajayi. The season before, it was Jay Ajayi himself. Every season has surprises, and 2018 will too.

The 2018 Miami Dolphins roster is a far cry from the squad they fielded in 2017. Between trading away Ajayi mid-season, Jay Cutler retiring again and Ryan Tannehill re-joining the team, bringing in a number of talented free agents, and the yearly influx of youth that is the NFL Draft, there are plenty of candidates for breakout performances.

Having been a fan of the Dolphins my entire life, I should know better by now, but I have a lot of optimism for this team. I feel like there are 5-7 guys who could have a “breakout season”. To make this list, however, I’ve decided not to list rookies. It’s not really fair to say they “break out” when there was nothing to break out from. Instead, each guy on this list has been kicking around the league at least a year.

So now, let’s take a look at who should have a breakout year for the 2018 Miami Dolphins.

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