Miami Dolphins: 3 Positions to Target in the NFL Draft

May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet, NFL shield, stage, and podium before the start of the 2014 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like just yesterday it was Kickoff Sunday, but the 2018 NFL season is already more than half over. Though the Miami Dolphins are still — technically — alive in the playoff hunt at 5-4, the team has looked dead in the water the past few weeks. With the Dolphins playoff hopes fading ever faster, why not get a jump-start on what the team can do to improve their fortunes next season? That’s right folks; it’s time to start thinking about the 2019 NFL Draft!

The more that I’ve explored the player evaluation aspect of things, the more I’ve grown to love this time of year. The time when the college football season is kicking into high gear, and the cream of the crop is starting to rise. There is a ton of work left to be done in the process, but guys are already starting to separate themselves in advance of next spring’s draft.

A few weeks ago I posted a poll question to my followers on Twitter (throw me a follow @SpoonfulofSport if you haven’t already), asking the fans what positions they feel the team should target in next year’s draft. Of course, the poll was informed by my views on the team in the options I presented, but for this piece and the ones to follow, I’m going with what the fans have chosen.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to be giving you, the fans, a look at a few names at each of these positions that I think should be high on the Miami Dolphins draft board. For today, here’s a look at the top three areas the fans believe the Miami Dolphins need to target come next spring.

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  1. Quarterback from West Virginia -Will Grier,Quarterback from Georgia -Jake Fromm,Quarterback from Central Florida- McKenzie Milton

  2. I’m glad you guys are not running the Phins Front Office. Without question, the most glaring needs in this order are QB, backup QB, OL (all 3 interior positions), DT, WR, CB.

  3. Miami Dolphins … positions to target in the next draft …
    Am I the only one who thinks Miami should target a QB in the next draft ??? Targeting a quarterback should be priority number one, two and three !!! Seriously !!! Dolphins have not had an elite QB since Dan Marino !!!

  4. they need to address the OL, CB, and DL spots.

    but who trusts this team when it comes to scouting offensive linemen?! take a look at their draft record. beyond Tunsil, James and Pouncey, who were all first round picks, this team is about 0 for 24 in finding even SERVICEABLE o-linemen beyond the first rd in the last decade.

  5. Will Grier doesn’t have an NFL arm. Jake Fromm is a true sophomore and isn’t draft eligible. McKenzie Milton also doesn’t have an NFL arm, and is 5’10” 185 lbs

  6. They’re all avarage QB’s exept Fromm, but he’s not going to be eligible in the upcoming draft. Im tired of always drafting a QB with a mid first round pick or at the second round, its time to change that mentality, if we’re going to draft one we should do it in the 2020 draft and trade up for a top 3 first round pick.. thats the correct way to solve this problem..

  7. There’s not an elite future qb in the upcoming draft. We whould wait for 2020 in order to select Tagovailoa or Fromm.

  8. Major needs are QB, OL, OL, WR. Miami can draft defensive lineman late in the draft. They had success in 2017 with Godchaux and Taylor in rounds 5 and 6. Miami needs to draft two offensive lineman in rounds 1 – 3.

  9. Agree. Though Miami has had success draft defensive lineman late in the draft. Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame would be a great pick if there in round 4.He’s 6’4″ 228, and runs a 4.5 40. QB, I would love for Miami to draft Justin Herbert, oregon, but he will probably be gone. Drew Locke would be a great pick.

  10. As much as the Phins need a QB, I agree with this. There are no “start now” caliber quaterbacks available. Take the best players available each round this time. Then target a QB next time.

  11. QB WE can’t go into next year with Tannehill. Release and save 17M.
    OT James released and save 10M.
    DE Quinn released and not sign Wake. Branch possibly gone. SIgn Hayes. and draft DE
    ILB If anyone thinks McMillan is the answer–thats a joke! He can’t fill any hole against the run. He should get 10-12 tackles a game.
    CB Move Fitzpatrick to CB. Need to find another decent CB
    WR Low in draft. Get a tall WR. Don’t pick up Parker.
    DT Low in draft for depth. Resign Spence. Maybe another Free Agent
    OG Find someone low in draft.

    Sitton and Kilgore will be back. Don’t need IOL.

  12. What’s an NFL arm? This guy wins(Will Grier).With a bad defense, he delivers. On the road he brings it. All these so called “NFL ARMS”guys you’re referring to are mostly bums who can’t read defenses

  13. Having a cannon for an arm is generally overrated, but there are certain baseline measurements for an NFL quarterback. No quarterback with a ball velocity under 54 MPH has won a playoff game. I don’t think Grier hits that mark

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