Dolphins Receive Major Warning On Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill

Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins
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Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill are two major foundational pieces to the 2024 Miami Dolphins. Without one or both of them, the squad would look massively different. Some might be bracing for a future without one or the other, but NFL analyst Craig Carton’s analysis flies directly in the face of any kind of split.

Speaking on “a July 2 edition of the FS1’s “The Carton Show,” Carton claimed the two are a package deal.

“You don’t re-sign Tua without re-signing Tyreek Hill,” he declared.

He went on to explain that keeping Tagovailoa and moving on from Hill would be a step backward. He claimed that if Hill were removed from the quarterback, Tagovailoa would see a decline in his play. As such, if the Dolphins were to move away from Hill, they would be tipping their hand that they are moving away from their quarterback as well.

Of course, the Dolphins have inched their way into the same situation that Hill’s former team was in. The Kansas City Chiefs had a young expensive quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and an expensive receiver in Hill. The Chiefs elected to hold onto their quarterback and cut ties with Hill via trade.

Now, Hill’s new team finds themselves running numbers on the quarterback and wide receiver duo.

Considering how long it is taking for the Dolphins to arrive at a solution, it appears that any step forward isn’t an easy one for the franchise.

Tyreek Hill entering potential holdout situation

With training camp on the horizon, several ingredients are lining up for another high-profile holdout to pair with CeeDee Lamb.

The 2024 campaign marks Hill’s last season before the Dolphins reach a financial incentive to move on from the receiver. While he’s still under contract through 2026, his job security gets much more sketchy after the season.

Additionally, Justin Jefferson’s new deal trumps Hill’s, despite the wide receiver outperforming Jefferson last season. Also, with the Dolphins potentially opening their pocketbook for their quarterback, now might be the best time for the wide receiver to catch some bills on the way to Tua Tagovailoa.

Plus, it is easier to leverage at 30 years old than at 31 years old. Hill is heading into an age-30 season, so this might be his last big opportunity to land a big new deal.

Will Tyreek Hill be able to capitalize?

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