Minnesota Vikings: 5 Training Camp Underdogs to Watch

Every season the Vikings go to camp with a host of undrafted free agents and other inexperienced free agents. Great teams will find gems among these free agents that can help build championship teams. We all know the stories of Adam Thielen and John Randle, two of the most notable Vikings undrafted free agents.

Vikings Training Camp Underdogs

2018 seems no different, there are several promising long-shots in camp this year that could become the next Adam Thielen or John Randle. For the purpose of this article, I’m focusing on undrafted free agents because nobody thought they were good enough to spend a draft pick on.  Being drafted affords a player some security in that if a team spends a pick on them they are likely to give them a roster spot.  Undrafted free-agents are not afforded that luxury, the vast majority won’t make a roster or even a practice squad.

This season may end up going down as one of the better classes of free-agent underdogs the Vikings have had.

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