Minnesota Vikings: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2018 NFL Season

Only twice since the Minnesota Vikings’ inaugural 1961 season has the team won more than 12 games; 1998 and 2017. Unfortunately, in both cases, the team failed to turn their regular season success into a Super Bowl appearance. With the 2018 season on the horizon, the expectations are sky high in Minnesota.

The rich got richer in the offseason. Rick Spielman took a loaded roster and managed to improve it. Adding Kirk Cousins and Sheldon Richardson to a team featuring seven returning Pro Bowl players is a luxury few times typically can afford.

Gone is the trio of quarterbacks, each with a glaring weakness or two, and replaced by uber-competitive and consistently underrated quarterback Kirk Cousins. Additionally, last year’s jack of all trades master of none, running back Jerick McKinnon is gone. In his place returns exciting second-year back Dalvin Cook whose season ended in game four of last season.

With a roster that is not only set up to make a Super Bowl run this year but for the next few years, the motto should truly be Super Bowl or bust. In today’s hyper-competitive NFL landscape, however, repeating the success of a previous season is easier said than done. Just look at the 2015 Denver Broncos. With that in mind, I bring you my five bold predictions for the 2018 Minnesota Vikings.

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