New England Patriots: 3 X-Factors for the 2018 NFL Season

The New England Patriots head into this season as the Super Bowl favorites for what seems the 100th year in a row at this point. Of course, Tom Brady’s presence is a big part of that, along with Bill Belichick. The Patriots have gone 8 straight seasons winning 12 or more games. They’ve also gone 15 years straight winning 10 or more games (even Matt Cassel won 10 in 2008). That’s nothing short of incredible.

That level of dominance and the longevity of their run at the top has never before been seen. That’s why the Patriots are considered to be the greatest dynasty in NFL history. Some would even say they’re the greatest dynasty in all of the major sports’ histories. It might be a long time until we see another team have a run like the Patriots are currently still on.

Last season, the Patriots made their third Super Bowl in the last four seasons. They fell short to the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33. The Patriots are back though, and with a vengeance to show the league they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. This year begins a new chapter in their dynasty.

It’s easy to say Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, etc. will be X-Factors for the Patriots this season, but that’s a given. So, I will be looking at the players that may not be household names or may not get the credit they deserve.

Here are the X-Factors for the Patriots this season.

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