New Odds Show Chance Panthers Will Draft QB Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett, Panthers, NFL Draft
NFL Analysis Network

There are a lot of people that will have their eyes on the Carolina Panthers during the 2022 NFL Draft. Carolina has the No. 6 overall pick and according to some people, that is really when the draft will start.

The thinking that No. 6 is where the draft would start is because this is the first spot that it sounds like a quarterback could go. The Detroit Lions, who own the No. 2 pick, could be in the market for a quarterback, but it is more likely that they use that pick on one of the star pass rushers in this year’s class.

The Panthers looked like they found an answer for their quarterback conundrum last season when they acquired Sam Darnold from the New York Jets. He started the season strong, as Carolina went 3-1 out of the gate. Unfortunately, the same issues that plagued him with the Jets popped up again with the Panthers.

This is a roster with numerous holes, but the biggest long-term one is at quarterback. The defense has made strides, as a lot of resources have been poured into that side of the ball. But, it is now time to start building up the offense.

What are the chances that the Panthers use the No. 6 overall pick on a quarterback? According to, there is a chance that they go in that direction. Of the players with odds to be drafted by the Panthers two are quarterbacks; Kenny Pickett out of Pittsburgh and Malik Willis out of Liberty.

Pickett is third on the list with odds of +350, behind only Texas A&M’s Charles Cross at +200 and Kayvon Thibodeaux of Oregon at +300. Willis is fifth on the list at +600, with Alabama offensive lineman Evan Neal fifth at +550. The Field at +1000 rounds out the list.

Neal and Willis have longer odds because they are the likeliest to be selected already. Willis could go No. 2 to the Lions, while Neal seems like a lock for the top-five given the needs of the teams selecting ahead of Carolina.

Quarterbacks are assuredly going to be selected in the first round, but pinpointing exactly where is difficult. Carolina certainly needs one, and without any picks in the second and third round, they may take their shot with the sixth pick on a player such as Pickett if that is who they identify as the best quarterback prospect in the draft.